Comment Areas New!

Easily allow moderated feedback from the public on your school website.

Comment Areas are a very simple module in [email protected] When you add a Comment Area to your site, visitors can leave comments. You can set the Comment Area to automatically approve the comments, or alternatively (if you don't trust your audience) you can manually approve each comment before it appears in the Comment Area. Let's add a new Comment Area:

Add a New Comment Area

Because this Comment Area will be in a public area of our site we won't allow the comments to be automatically approved. Now let's visit the site and add a comment:

New Comment

Once a user submits the comment they'll be given a message telling them that their comment has been submitted for approval (if Auto Approve is off). We can then go and approve their comment - just click the cross beside the comment to approve it (turn it into a tick):

Approved Comment

Now we can view the comment on the website:

Show Approved Comment

That concludes our tour of Comment Areas. You can also add Comment Areas to ePortfolios.

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