Embedded Items

Easily insert content from other web based publishing systems into your website.

These days showing content from one site (like YouTube) on another site is becoming very popular. This is called Embedding. [email protected] supports embedded content with the Embedded Items module. Adding a new embedded item is really easy. First we'll get the embedded code we need (in this case we'll be embedding a YouTube clip):

YouTube Robots

As you can see, when using YouTube, most videos allow you to copy the embed code (see the red boxes above). In [email protected] we'll choose Embedded Item from the Add a New: menu and click Add:

Add a New Embedded Item

As you can see, we've typed in the name of the embedded item. This will appear on the index bar of your site. Next we've pasted the embedded code into the Snippet box. This is HTML code that will be interpreted by the browser and turned into the YouTube clip. Once you've done this you can click Add and see what it looks like in your website:

Embedded Item

And there you have it. Now it's really easy to add any kind of embedded code into your site. Another great example of an embedded item is a Google Calendar. You can easily share your Google Calendars on your [email protected] site using this new module.

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