File Attachments & File Sets

Easily place files for download on your website, with or without supporting information.

If you need to make files available for people to download on your website, we've got you covered. We have two tools in addition to the ones built into Pages that can help get the job done:

File Attachments

A File Attachment is just like a Link. When you add a File Attachment it shows up on your website indexbar. When a user clicks on the button the file starts downloading straight away. This is useful for one-off files that don't need any explanation. Let's add a File Attachment:

Add a New File Attachment

Now let's see what it looks like on the indexbar:

File Attachment

A visitor can now just click that link to download the file.

File Sets

A File Set is just like a Link Set in that you can add as many of them to your site as you like, and they contain a bunch of files based around a certain topic. You can use them to bring order to your official school publications, or make homework sheets available on your site. Here's what it looks like when when we add a File Set:

Add a New File Set

Once you've created your File Set you can click on it and add as many Files to the Set as you like:

Add a New File

You give your File a Name, Description and specify the File to be uploaded to our server. We generally accept any file up to 60 Megabytes in size. Once your files are in the Set you can view them on the website:

File Set

We use a File Set in each of our Learning Caves and Staff Zones.

Let's investigate Upcoming Event Sets...