Image Galleries

Easily showcase what has been happening at your school by uploading images.

We added the Image Gallery module to [email protected] in response to our users wanting a more structured and faster way to add image to their site (they used to use a page to do this). You can add an Image Gallery by choosing Image Gallery from the Add a New: menu and clicking Add in the Construction Zone. You'll get this page:

Add a New Image Gallery

It's very simple, just give your gallery a name and a description. I've filled in some sample info here. Once we've clicked Add we'll be taken back to the Construction Zone. Click on your new gallery and you'll get this page:

Image Gallery Categories

This is our empty Image Gallery. Galleries can have many Categories in which you store images. Let's make a new category now. A category is just like a gallery in that it just has a name and a description. Once we've made a category and clicked on it we'll get this screen:

Image Gallery Category Images

Once again, the new image category is empty, so let's upload some images. You can actually upload more than one image at a time by adding them all to a Zip File and uploading that. Our smart programme will unzip the file and add each image separately.

Add Many New Images

When you click Add you'll get this screen which lets you know that the images are being processed on our server:

Processing Images

If you refresh your browser you should see the images have been added to your category. Once they've been processed you can re-order the images however you want. You can also edit each image to add an optional name and description:

New Images Construction Zone

On the front end of your site you can browse the images. Here's the view of the gallery. Each category shows the thumbnail of a random image from within that category:

Category Front End

You can then click on a category to see all the images within it:

Images Front End

To view a full-sized image click on it:

View Fullsize Image

From here you can browse backwards and forwards through the images and even watch all the images in an automatic slideshow!

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