Easily create and maintain a vibrant and functional school website with [email protected]

We're excited that you want to know more about [email protected]! [email protected] requires no extra software to be installed on your computer. You can use [email protected] to manage your school website from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection.

Access to the editing side of your website is controlled with a username and password:


You can find out more about how easy it is to manage users in [email protected] on the Users and Groups page.

Once you've correctly entered your username and password you'll be taken to the Construction Zone. This is where you can start editing your site.

Construction Zone

Construction Zone

You're currently looking at our demo site that we use to show people how [email protected] works. As you can see, everything is available at your fingertips. From here you can:

  • Add a new item to your site: The list of available items is the same as that listed on the index bar of this page you are reading now. Click on any of them to find out more about that item type. You can add as many of any item to your site as you like (e.g. multiple calendars).
  • Jump to another location within your site: You can organise your site with Folders (just choose Folder from the Add a New: menu and click Add). This helps keep your stuff separate from everyone else's.
  • View the Recycle Bin: When you delete something it goes to the Recycle Bin first, so you can get stuff back if you need to.
  • Work with any of the existing items in your site: You can click on the name of the item to work with its contents. For example, click on your Podcast Series to add some new Episodes to the Series.
  • Enable and Disable items in your site.
  • Reorder items by dragging and dropping their icon.
  • Apply permissions to items so that they are viewable and editable only be certain groups of people.
  • Edit the basic details of an item.
  • Move items to another folder.
  • Delete items.
  • Change the default item that is shown for a particular folder.

Next you'll learn about how to work with Users and Groups in your site...