Links & Link Sets

Easily hyperlink to other websites from your site, and provide lists of links for others to use.

Links are pretty basic things but can also be very powerful in connecting people with the right information fast. [email protected] has two ways to add links to the site: A Link, and a Link Set.

A Link is used when you want to link to another site (or area within your site) straight from the index bar. For example, you might want to have a link to your webmail system appear on your indexbar. You'd use a Link for this:

Add a New Link

We can see that the link now shows up on our indexbar:


A Link Set allows you to group a bunch of related links together. You can add a Set to any part of your site. For example, teachers could use them to add Links based around a particular subject their class is studying. Let's first add a Link Set:

Add a New Link Set

We'll then add a couple of links to the Link Set:

Add a New Link to Set

On your website the Link Set appears like this:


We use a Link Set inside each of our Learning Caves and Staff Zones.

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