Message Boards

Easily provide a place for your communities to communicate on your website.

A Message Board allows you to facilitate communications online within your school. Message Boards are only accessible if you can log into the [email protected] Construction Zone (or if you're using a Learning Cave or Staff Zone). If your Message Board is not in a Learning Cave or Staff Zone, its contents will be publicly visible on your website unless you protect the folder containing the Message Board. If you set a passworded on a folder containing the Message Board, people who know the password will be able to add messages, otherwise, without a password the Message Board will be read-only to visitors.

You add a Message Board just like you add any other item to [email protected]

Add a New Message Board

Once your Message Board is made you can click on it and start adding Threads to it. A Thread is basically a master message. It's the start of a conversation on a particular topic. Other users can then click on the Thread and add their replies to that particular thread. This helps keep the conversations in order. Other users can also add Threads. Here's what it looks like when we add a Thread:

Add a New Thread

Here's the view of a Thread once a few people have replied to it:


We use a Message Board inside each of our Learning Caves and Staff Zones.

Let's take a look at Notice Areas...