Notice Areas

Easily display and organise notices spanning multiple days and scheduled for days in the future.

Notice Areas make it convenient to display short Notices on your website in an organised manner. Schools usually use them to post their daily notices. Once you've added a Notice Area you can add as many Notices to it as you like, even multiple Notices per day.

Add a New Notice Area

A Notice consists of a Title, the Start and End Dates, and the notice Body. You use our special HTML in-browser editor that we use for our Pages to create your Notice. This means you can add pictures and change the text as you like.

Add a New Notice

On your website when a user goes into the Notice Area they will see all the current notices straight away and will be able to click on Notices up to one month old that appear in a list below the current notices. Notices with start and end dates set in the future will only appear when their time comes.

Front Notices Area

Users can even subscribe to the RSS Feed using their feed reader of choice and be automatically notified when new Notices are posted.

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