Online Stores

Easily offer products and services for sale to your community with friendly payment methods.

Some schools wanted to be able to sell stuff on their website so we created the Online Stores module. You can have as many Stores on your website as you want, but most schools will only want one. When you create an Online Store you give it a Name, Description, Currency, Address, Phone Number, Fax Number and Email Address:

Add a New Online Store

When your store has been made you can click on it to start adding Categories and Items. Let's add a Category:

Add a New Category

Now lets add an Item to the Category:

Add a New Item

You give your Item a Name, Description and a Price. If your Item is physical you need to enter how many you have in stock. Each Item should have a unique Code. If you have an Image of the Item you can upload that also. Finally, you can indicate whether the Item is virtual or physical, whether it's currently available, and whether it's exempt from sales tax.

Now that we have an Item in our Store we just need to double-check a few things. In the Store view we can edit the Tax settings:


The Tax setting is set for the New Zealand GST system by default but if you are from another country you can change this. You can also edit the Shipping Locations:

Shipping Locations

Here you can add as many Locations as you like. If you only want to ship to New Zealand you could just add one location called 'New Zealand' and give a price to ship products to this destination. This would prevent people purchasing Items when they are overseas as they would be required to enter a valid Shipping Location. You could even split New Zealand into 'North Island' and 'South Island' and give different shipping prices for each. Finally, you can manage Payment Methods:

Add a New Payment Method

There are 4 supported Payment Methods:

  • Payment on Pickup - This allows people to pick up their orders from the school. They won't be charges shipping on this payment method. You can enter an address from which they can pick up the goods.
  • Phone Payment (Credit Card) - This allows people to do exactly that, pay you via credit card once they've submitted their order on the website. You can enter a phone number for them to call.
  • Bank Transfer - This allows people to place their order and then transfer the money to pay for the order via Online Banking. You can enter a bank number here for them to pay the funds to.
  • Cheque - This allows people to place their order and then pay for the order via cheque. You can enter who the cheque is to be made out to.
  • DPS PX Post (Credit Card) - You can have your customers enter their credit card numbers securely on your website and [email protected] will verify the numbers instantly via your subscription to DPS New Zealand and record their order if the payment is successful. You can enter your DPS Username and Password here.

Now that we've set up our Store we can browse to it on the website:

Online Store

You'll first be presented with the Categories of your Store. You can click on one of them to see the Products.


You can then add a product to your Cart by clicking Add to Cart. You'll be taken to the Cart view:

Your Cart

You can then tweak quantities here, or proceed to the Checkout:

Your Details

After entering your customer details you can proceed to the payment page:

Payment Method

From here you can confirm your order and it will be added to the Orders list in the Shop admin system. The user will be told that their order was successful and they will be emailed an Invoice plus shown one on the screen:

Successful Order

You'll then be able to click Manage Orders in the Store admin system. This shows you all the incomplete orders you can then View each order individually:

View Order

The Order viewing page shows you all the info on what was purchased and at what price. From here you can enter a Memo about the order and change its status depending on what has happened with it regarding payment and shipping.

That's basically it! We designed the Online Store module to be as simple as possible because most stores we've seen are exactly the opposite. It's everything you need to run a basic Store from your school.

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