Podcast Series

Easily publish regular audio and video files as a series that can be listed in iTunes.

With [email protected] you'll never be left behind when it comes to the latest and greatest web technology! We implemented Podcasting in response to customers wanting to publish content that their classes had made. If you don't know what a Podcast is:

  • A Podcast is basically a collection of audio or video files accompanied by a special file that we call a RSS Feed. This feed contains information about every file in the collection (like who made it and when it was made) and is able to be read by 'Feed Readers' like iTunes. The 'Feed Readers' will download the latest file in the feed so that you can listen to it later on. It will also regularly check the feed and if it discovers you've added a new file it will automatically download that file for the user.

Podcasting sounds simple but it's actually really hard if you're trying to write the feeds manually, that's where we come in. We've made the process very simple. First you add a Podcast Series to your site:

Add a New Podcast Series

Then you add a new Episode (or many). You can come back here later on to add more when you've finished making them:

Add a New Episode

Once you have at least one Episode you can view your Podcast Series on your site. For those who don't have iTunes (or another feed reader) [email protected] allows you to browse the Podcast Series manually:

Podcast Series

As you can see it's all nice and user-friendly. There is one Episode in our Series. You can click on it to see more info about it, and download the file. Here's what it looks like in a feed reader that comes with the Firefox web browser:

RSS Feed

To add the Podcast Series to iTunes you simply fill our their application form and provide the RSS Feed URL as listed on the Podcast Series homepage.

What a great way to present your students work to parents!

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