Profile Areas

Easily promote the people who work at your school to the greater community.

A Profile Area is a great place to show off the staff at your school (or other groups of people). You can group them into Categories and order the Categories and Profiles however you like simply by dragging and dropping them. Let's add a Profile Area to the site:

Add a New Profile Area

As you'll see later on, there is a place for a 'promoted' profile on the home page of the profiles area. By default this is just a random profile, but once you've added a few profiles to the profile area you can choose one to display all the time. This is good for groups with a natural hierarchy.

Once you've added a Profile Area you can click on it and then begin to add Categories. Categories help you group your profiles into various areas.

Add a New Category


Click on one of the categories and you'll now be able to add a new Profile:

Add a New Profile

The only piece of compulsory information is the persons Name. You can also add their Qualifications, Role, Email, General Information, and Image.

Once you've added your Profiles you can see them on your website:

Front Profiles Area

As you can see, the opening Profile Area page shows all of your categories and the names of people in them. It also shows a random profile. You can click on a Category to view all the Profiles in the Category, or you can just click on a Profile to view it individually.


Here's a hint: If your staff don't want their photo's on the site, how about getting the kids to draw pictures of the staff and use those instead!

Next we'll take a look at File Attachments & File Sets...