Staff Zones

Easily collaborate with other staff at the school in private and secure online areas.

Staff Zones are basically Learning Caves that look more serious. They're designed for staff to work on various projects through the website:

Add a New Staff Zone

A Staff Zone only has a Name and a Purpose. By default all staff that have access to the [email protected] Construction Zone can work in the Staff Zone, but you can restrict access using Permissions.

Once in a Staff Zone you can do all the things that you can do in a Learning Cave like Links, Files, Pages, Messages, Events and Live Chat. There is no such thing as Startup Resources because everyone is contributing to the Zone in an equal manner and there is a higher level of trust. There are also no Quizzes in a Staff Zone.

Staff Zone

Other than that, they're exactly the same as Learning Caves so take a look at that section to find out more about how they work. Staff Zones aren't shown on your public school website, they're purely for people who have access to the Construction Zone.

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