Upcoming Event Sets

Easily show a linear progression of events that are happening in the near future at your school.

Upcoming Event Sets provide you with a prettier way to show events that are happening in the near future in an easier to see manner than a Calendar. When you add an Upcoming Event Set you give it a Name and a Description:

Add a New Upcoming Event Set

Once you've added your set you can click on it and start adding Events:

Add a New Upcoming Event

You give it a Title, Date & Time, Location, Short Description, Long Description, and an optional Price. You can remove the event from the site at any time by unticking the Active box. We've also provided a shortcut that allows you to add the event to any of your public calendars at the same time.

Once you've added all of your events you'll be able to see them on your site:

Upcoming Events

The great part about Upcoming Events is that they will disappear off the list once the date they are on passes. This happens automatically. You can reuse an expired event simply by changing its Date.

Another cool feature is that you can download an Event or all of the Events into your Outlook (or other) Calendar using the vEvent format. Just like our Contact Directories we encode the events on the page using the hCalendar format so that future hCalendar readers will be able to read the events straight off the page!

Next on the list is Staff Zones...