Users and Groups

Easily manage your website editors. Get the most out of [email protected] by sharing the load!

User management is easy with [email protected] You can have as many users as you like, and organise them into as many groups as you like. Groups are used to apply permissions to items in your site. To get to the Users and Groups page from the Construction Zone just click Users and Groups at the top of the page.

Users and Groups

To add a new user simply click Add a New User. You'll be taken to this screen:

Add a New User

The screen you see above will become very familiar to you when using [email protected] All our input forms (asking you for data) use this common look-and-feel. You'll always be able to find an Explanation of Terms at the bottom of the page explaining what each field means.

As you can see in the form above, you can choose which groups you want the user to belong to as you create him or her. You can also choose whether to make them an Administrator or not. Administrators can add, edit and delete users and groups plus view the Activity Logs and Site Settings.


Once you've made your users and some groups you will be able to click the word Permissions beside any item in the Construction Zone and apply permissions to it. You'll see the following screen:


By default everyone can see your item, and everyone (if they can log into the Construction Zone) can edit your item. You can narrow that down by ticking the appropriate groups in each column. Another cool thing is that you can apply permissions to a Folder and all the items within that folder will inherit those permissions. That means you only have to set them once!

On the flip side, if you don't want to worry about permissions at all, you can just not have any groups and you won't even see the Permissions button beside any items.

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