Vacancy Areas

Easily display job vacancies on your school website and reach the widest possible audience.

A Vacancy Area allows you to display your job vacancies on your website. You can also upload documents with the Vacancy such as job descriptions and forms. Here's what it looks like to add a Vacancy Area to the site:

Add a New Vacancy Area

Once you've added your Vacancy Area you can start adding Vacancies:

Add a New Vacancy

A Vacancy has a Name, Description, Closing Date, and a Contact Person Name and Email Address. When you've added the vacancy you can click Add or Remove Files to add files to the vacancy:

Add a New Vacancy File

You don't have to add any files, but if you do, you need to give them a Name, and provide a PDF and Word version of each file. Check out the Newsletter Sets page for information about how to make PDF's for free. Having a Word and PDF version allows your applicants to have the choice of being able to print out the PDF version and fill it out or fill out the Word version on their computer and email it to you. After you've added all your files you'll be able to view the Vacancies on your site:


Users can then click on a Vacancy to view more information about it:


Users can then download the associated documents.

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