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RSS Feeds

Easily provide a way for followers of your website to keep up what what has changed.

RSS Feeds are basically files that other computer programmes can read.

They're usually associated with content that changes regularly on your site. All modern web browsers now support RSS Feeds.

RSS Feed Readers can be found for Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers by searching for ‘Feed Reader Add-Ons’ within each of the browsers.

Here's an example of a Firefox Feed Reader Add-On:

RSS feed

What are RSS Feeds used for?

RSS Feeds provide a great way for your community to keep up to date with changing information on your website. There is nothing extra that you need to do to facilitate this, it's up to the user to grab an Add-On.

For example, if you have a Newsletter Set on your site we automatically generate an RSS Feed that users can subscribe to - provided they have a Feed Reader installed on their browser. They'll then be able to see when a new Newsletter has been added. Here is an example of a Newsletter Set Feed as viewed in Firefox:

Viewing a Newsletter Set RSS Feed