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Testimonial Areas

Easily publish the great feedback you've had from parents about your school and website!

A Testimonial Area is pretty much as it sounds. It allows you to show Testimonials on your site so that you can share feedback that you’ve received with your school community.

This can also provide the opportunity for people who are new to your community to read ‘reviews’ about your school environment.

To add a Testimonial Area to your site select Testimonial Area from the ‘Add a New’ menu in the Construction Zone. You’ll get this page:

Adding a new Testimonial Area

Adding New Testimonials

Once you've added the Area, you can add as many Testimonials as you like to share experiences that people have had with your school.

A Testimonial has a Title, Author, Date, Snippet, and the full Body of the Testimonial. Once you've added some Testimonials, you can reorder them in the Construction Zone by dragging and dropping.

Add a new Testimonial

The Testimonial Area is another of our modules which users can use to subscribe to an RSS Feed in order to receive automatic notifications.

Here's what the Testimonial Area looks like on the front-end of the website:

Viewing your Testimonials