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Redesign Service

After being with Spike@School for a while, you might decide that you want to give your website a fresh look. We have a redesign service that caters for this need. Find out more below.

How the service works

Depending on how long you've been with us, you may remember your initial design phase. The redesign process is very similar to this. Here are the key steps:

  1. You get in touch with us to let us know you'd like to get a redesign, and what level you'd like to go for.
  2. An invoice will be sent. This is payabe on the 20th of the month following the invoice date.
  3. We'll email you a list of things we need to get from you to inform the design.
  4. Once we have everything we need from you, our designer will create a mockup of the design(s). We allow two weeks for this process but we usually deliver mockups sooner than this. The mockups are non-interactive image previews of what the design will look like. You can view these in your web browser.
  5. You let us know any changes you'd like to make to the design. We provide you with modified mockups. This process repeats until you're happy with the design.
  1. Once you're happy, we get you to give us written signoff of the design. The design then goes to our developers to turn into code. From this point onward, changes to the design are much harder to make, so it's better to get things settled in the mockup phase.
  2. We allow the developers two weeks to code up the template. Once complete, we apply this template to your existing site. Your content generally will remain the same, but sometimes your homepage will need a bit of an edit to make it work in the new layout. We also set up any extra modules that are used in the design if you don't already have them (e.g. we'll add a Notices Area if you don't have one already).
  3. We'll inform you that the new design has been applied and at this stage you can let us know if you notice anything that isn't right (based on the approved mockups) and we'll recitfy the situation.
I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Spike for the very seamless and painless process of updating our school website. From initial planning right through to going live you were very open to our ideas, and working with an interactive template made it really easy, not only for me but for the Board to see. I have had great feedback on our new website from not just our parents, but also our staff. I am more than happy to be a person to call if other schools are wanting references around the process.
Daniel Pepper

Principal, St Dominic's Catholic Primary School

Nigel and the Spike@School team have consistently demonstrated promptness, professionalism, and great assistance since the beginning of our collaboration on our school website. Their approach to website building has been superb, addressing our inquiries promptly and inviting our feedback at every step. The team actively listened to our requirements for the website, providing excellent design and guidance throughout. As a result, we are in the process of developing an engaging, vibrant, and modern website that not only looks professional but also effectively reflects the essence of our school. We eagerly anticipate sharing it with our community soon. Many thanks to Spike@School for turning the task of upgrading our school website into an enjoyable and straightforward experience
Kelly Holden

Milton School

Levels & Prices

All our new templates are mobile friendly and have dropdown menus built in. Each template is bespoke and designed around your requirements.

Level 1 - $850 +GST

A level 1 redesign will get you a single template for your site. There is no scope in a level 1 design for a special homepage. The template will appear the same on all pages in your site. You may already have one of these templates as this was the default before we introduced the special homepage concept.

Level 2 - $1250 +GST

Many of our schools find that they'd like to do more with their homepage such as embed a Facebook feed, and/or a Google calendar. Other options include (but aren't limited to):

  • Quicklink buttons to specific areas of your site.
  • Creatively designed values and mission statements.
  • Video introductions or drone flyovers (with the video supplied by the school).
  • A summary of recent notices from our Notices Area module.
  • Upcoming events from our Calendar module
  • Icon based quicklinks.

We work with you to come up with a homepage layout that suits your needs. The extra time required to do this is reflected in the additional cost.

Level 3 - Custom Quote

Some schools would like to go the extra mile with their redesign so we offer a custom quote level for when your needs don't fit within our first two redesign levels. We'll review your requirements and come back to you with a quote for the work.

What We Need From You

In order for us to create a new design for your site, we'll ideally require the following:

  • A copy of your school logo in a high quality formatĀ (Ideally in EPS or PDF format - something that you'd use for your printed material). If your logo has transparent aspects to it, please make sure they come through in this file.
  • Your school colours defined in RGB or Hexadecimal format - or indicate to us if we're to pull these colours from existing logos or other assets you provide.
  • Any other mascots, slogans or graphics that you'd like in the templateĀ (Ideally in EPS or PDF format).
  • If you'd like to have an image slideshow as part of your template we require 5-20 high resolution images (ideally a mixture of children, facilities and activities).
  • Would you like just our traditional side indexbar, or a side indexbar plus a top index bar that always shows the content of your home folder?
  • If you like any of our other sites in particular and want to borrow aspects of them please let us know which ones they are.
  • If you're doing a Level 2 redesign please give us details of what you'd like on your special homepage layout. For example: an embedded Google calendar, Facebook feed, quicklink buttons, notices etc...
  • To help us get a better context of your existing branding, please provide us with any other branded materials you have digital copies of. For example: signage, business cards, letter heads, brochures, document templates.

Engaging an Illustrator

We have excellent graphic illustrators we can recommend to you if you feel like your school branding could do with a facelift. It's often best to get this work done first, then come back to us for a redesign so we can use your new branding and illustrations in the design.

Our Recent Designs

Feel free to browse our recent designs below. Let us know if you'd like to use aspects of these designs in your new template.

Let's Get Started

The best way to begin a redesign is to get to work collecting the things we need, then get in touch with us to talk over your requirements. We look to working with you on your redesign!